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We understand the hardships caused in a family by the difficulty of raising troubled teens. We all want to help our children with their struggles but at times we need guidance ourselves. Our experienced staff understand these issues and are specialized in helping families overcome the pain and destruction caused by alcohol and substance abuse as well as behavioral disorders and mental illness. Call us 24/7 and our admissions coordinators will find the right rehab that will help to get your child sober and back whole again.

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Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs Offer:

•High Success Rates
•Caring and Professional Staff
•Personalized Treatment Programs
•One on One Therapy & Group Sessions
•Beautiful Locations and Surroundings
•Relapse Prevention Programs

We take the individualized approach that allows people the quality of care they need. Every teenager is different and so is each rehabilitation facility. We work with facilities across the nation to give you the best care possible.

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Teen Treatment Centers

Your teenager’s brain is still evolving and it is vital that they get treatment that takes into consideration their age. That is the reason we offer thorough treatment programs for youths between the ages of 14-17 years old at our facilities. Our gender-separate teen treatment centers are safe, serene places where teens come to heal from substance abuse, mental health conditions, and behavioral disorders. By receiving comprehensive care and support, teenagers are able to work on their struggles.

Academics In Drug Rehab

Attending an inpatient treatment center doesn’t mean education has to be put on hold. Under the guidance of teachers and our available programs, your child can stay on top of their studies while at the same time receiving treatment. The purpose of our educational program is to make sure your teen stays on track with their current curriculum. Academic programs differ by individual. That is why our educational programs are focused around each individual’s needs. The educational programs are structured to help enhance your loved one’s education and to make their transition back to school as smooth as possible.

All of Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Offer:

• Luxury Accommodations
• Individualized Treatment Plans
• Meals Prepared for You
• 24 Hour Medical Staff
• Friendly Professional Staff

At Aid In Recovery, we’ll take the time to understand your unique situation, before recommending the best treatment option to meet your individualized needs. We work with the top-rated teen treatment centers, each one unique, offering specialized care.

Our admissions coordinators are experienced professionals specially trained to work with teenagers. They will refer you to a top rated, friendly, and luxurious treatment center most equipped to suit a minor’s needs.

Are you ready to start a new chapter in your life and gain back all you lost in your addiction?

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