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story of recovery

After a Relapse a Young Man Finds His Road to Recovery

My name is Joel M., I have been sober for 20 months after my relapse. Before that I was sober for 18 months. My story starts at the age of 13. I tried my first bowl of weed and my first cigarette. I was really into sports so I didn’t smoke either very often. It went that way until I was 15, and then I started smoking pot almost every day. I was hanging out with the wrong crowd. That year I dropped out of high school. Then when I was 16, I started to try other drugs (i.e. acid, shrooms, and cocaine), but the coke really grabbed me. That led to smoking crack. […]

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Her Recovery Story

It’s been over 24 hours since my last fix. A whole day has passed the last time I sucked up that beautiful, blue powdery substance through my nose. I was starting to feel those dreadful withdrawals, the tremors were setting in, and it’s starting to feel like there are vice grips on both sides of my head squeezing tighter and tighter. My head is ringing and everything has a deafening muffled sound to it. (Click the title to read more.)