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“Today my life is a lot better than what it was 212 days ago.” – Jonathan


“You get to see yourself in a totally different way.” – Nick


“I will always remember that moment” – Jill


“It gave me a sense of hope.” – Alex


“Making that call was the best thing.” – Scott


“If it wasn’t for that call, I wouldn’t be the man I get to be today.” – Ross


“I really wanted help” – Mike


“I felt trust that they would lead me in the right direction.” – Daniel

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by Sharon on Aid In Recovery
Great Help

I filled out the information boxes for my husband who had just come out and told me he was suffering from an addiction to my prescription medication and that he needed help to stop. I did a search online for rehabilitation programs and Aid In Recovery was the first site to come up. Within 2 minutes of me submitting his information, my husband received a phone call from Timothy. His kind attention to my husbands needs showed that this is the best place for my husband to get help. We may be at the start of our journey but we are sure that we found the best people to help us. Thank you Timothy and Aid In Recovery for sharing your knowledge and for caring hearts with us!

by Alex on Aid In Recovery
First Step

I started talking to someone through chat now, then within 10 minutes I got a call from a person that actually related to what I'm going through. Even though this is the first step to my recovery, I feel like it's the best one to make.

by Dr. and Mrs. Thomas on Aid In Recovery
Not Abandoned

This is a preliminary review as our son is still in detox but rehab is just around the corner. Our son had left numerous rehab and detox facility's. We had just lived through another round of this. Frantic to find help again, my husband was searching the web. We needed to get him into another place fast, before he started using again. Well, that didn't happen but what did happen is he connected with Chris. From the first call with him we knew this was different. We had been mislead and out and out lied to from previous people when looking for a facility. We had been very open about our son with what was going on with him and what he was needing. Every time our son left to go to another facility we received phone calls from him telling us that nothing we said was true, and he walked. This was doing nobody any good. Each time he came back he was worse then before he left. We had been dropped like a hot potato by the very person that said they knew what he needed and would make sure he would get help. They wouldn't call back or take our calls. We felt abandoned every time.This time is different because of a man named Chris that works for Aid in Recovery and his wonderful wife Michele. You don't have to guess if he cares, you know, we know. I have not once called with a question or concern that he didn't get back to us or many times he initiated the call. He called, spoke to our son on numerous occasions to encourage him. But he didn't stop there, and hasn't stopped. We have never felt this level of care and concern in somebody on his end. It's amazing. Never once has he or Michele made us feel that we are bothering him and I know we have to be because many times it's late at night. Our son will be going to the rehab facility that Chris recommended, in fact it's the one he went to himself. He gave us other options but our son wanted to go there. We have not felt this hopeful before because we aren't alone this time, Chris is walking this with us, and he sure doesn't have to, I'm sure he doesn't get paid to.This man will have a special crown in heaven. I'm sure of it. If there was an award for being the best in his field he should win it. He cares, and not just until he gets you somewhere, he genuinely cares. The difference this has made thus far as parents is incredible.Also, we had the pleasure of speaking with numerous staff at Aid in recovery and there was the same tone with everyone. Never once did we feel like we were bothering anyone. Our calls were welcomed. We would and will recommend them to anyone needing recovery.We will update this as time goes on and our son is in rehab.God bless all the staff at Aid in recovery.

by Colleen on Aid In Recovery
I Found hope

I had lost all hope. I was divorced, just turned 50, my only son murdered and my grandson being threatened to be taken from me. I found an escape in alcohol and pills. After a blackout, I made the call that changed it all. I was on a plane within 24hrs and on my way to the best thing I could have done for me and my family. Scared alone and hopeless I arrived at a new beginning. The whole process was great. I went to detox then on to my journey. I absolutely loved the house staff the other ladies and the facility. I didn't want for anything other than my lost luggage. The first thing I remember is a saying on the wall" inhale the future and exhale the past" I was ready.First time in my life I learned that I didn't have to react the way I was to the feelings I was having. I was shattered. Life as I knew it was gone. Every day I heard something or read something so meaning to me and how to not be controlled by my emotions. Which is what I was drinking to avoid.I cannot pinpoint the exact moment it happened but the trauma therapy played a major role in my transformation. I can now feel things yes even uncomfortable things and not drink or pop a pill. I learned about DBT absolutely wonderful way to refocus my thoughts. I have been clean since may 24, 2016 thanks to Aid in Recovery for showing me that there is hope.My situation hasn't changed I am still divorced, still a mother of a murdered child and still fighting for custody of my grandson but I am doing it in my right mind now. I thank God for everyone who helped me my case worker April, the leaders of the groups like Christine, Deborah and Ron and Hymie and many others. You showed me there is hope. Thank you"

by Jake on Aid In Recovery
Sober Since Nov. 19th, 2016

Just wanted to say thanks to all the staff at Aid in Recovery. They saved my life and without their kindness, I don't think I would be this happy in life. I have been sober since Nov. 19th, 2016.

by Timothy Bemis on Aid In Recovery
I Enjoy Life Now.

I wanted to thank Nicole. Not only did she find me a place in California that was Professional,Beautiful,peaceful and educational. She helped me to navigate the FMLA maze. Thanks to everyone involved I now can remember what i do on a daily basis. I got to hold our Daughter and remember doing so for the first time. And now spend time daily with our children and one on one time with my wife. Long story short. You helped me regain control of my life before I threw our families future away. God Bless You and Thank You.

by Valerie on Aid In Recovery
Thank you from the bottom of my heart

My daughter called me and was very sick last Sunday...She's been struggling awhile with heroin & methadone. I called Aid in Recovery early Sunday morning...I spoke with Dumon. For hours he comforted me while my daughter was sick and passed out on my couch .. Dumon never rushed me, was patient, kind & loving. He coached me through everything in how to help my daughter as I was empty & weak. He gave me strength, understanding & every tool I needed step by step...Once my daughter woke up he spoke to her for several hours. I had also contacted other help centers. They promised me more. I chose another place over this facility... I made a BIG MISTAKE... Everything the other facility told us was a lie... I immediately went through the process of taking my daughter from that place into this place with the continued support of Dumon!I ignored Dumons many calls after I chose the other place. After 16 hours and I knew I made a tragic mistake, Dumon never gave up on us!! He then assisted my daughter & I through all steps to get her from the one place into AID IN RECOVERY!!! I received top notch professionalism, class, kindness, love, understanding & he never gave up on us even after choosing the WRONG facility~I have met the staff, like Mia, And there's not enough good I can say about the call center & staff!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart & I give credit to God for sending an Angel to my daughter & I in our time of darkness!!!I could write 25 pages explaining everything but I've tried to sum it up in short for this reviewThank You, Aid In Recovery & Thank You Dumon!!God Bless all Your precious souls!!!

by Kyle S on Aid In Recovery
Best Thing I Ever Did

My parents gave me an ultimatum; go to rehab, or cut ties with them for good. I had nothing left, I was at rock bottom. I chose to attend rehab. Although I was reluctant at first, it is the best thing I ever did! Aid in Recovery saved my life! I have been sober for 104 days and I am loving my new life.

by Mary on Aid In Recovery
Living Sober is Fantastic!

When I called Aid in Recovery I was hopeless and overwhelmed with fear. They helped me locate a treatment program that would get to the root of my addiction. Through a lot of counseling and the great staff at the rehab center, I was able to understand why I used. From day one I told myself that I am going to put an end to my addiction and that exactly what I did. Today I love my new drug free life and will strive to continue, one day at a time, to remain living a sober life.

by Lindsey on Aid In Recovery
Love the chat! Thank you!

I am very impressed with the expeditious response I received. It was very easy to use your live chat. Not alot of questions. And, I received straight answers!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! God Bless!

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