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Professional Referral Network

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Aid in Recovery is a national addiction treatment referral service. We are committed to finding clients the best treatment options with the highest chances for long-term recovery. We help develop individual treatment plans based on clinical assessments. These plans address both addiction and underlying disorders.

We can help your patients, clients, and employees get the care they need, freeing you to do what you do best.

Our network is expansive. We recommend evidence-based treatment plans that cover the continuum of care. This includes detox, inpatient, outpatient, and a sober life after treatment.

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What a referral to Aid in Recovery means for you:

• There is no need for you or your staff to navigate their insurance for treatment coverage.
• You are free from managing their care outside of your expertise.
• No need for you to research treatment centers that accept their insurance plan.
• Your patient/client/employee will have access to dual diagnosis treatment programs.
• You are removed from the responsibility of their addiction treatment.
• You have the peace of mind knowing you gave them a tool and an opportunity to treat their addiction.

We ask that you:

• Make our brochures and hotline cards visible in your waiting room.
• Share hotline cards with anyone who you think would benefit from our service.

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We are here to help:

• This service is free of charge.
• Contact us using the form below. You can request information, request a call to discuss the program or order more supplies.
• Email us at 

If you have further questions, please contact us. We can send you a referral kit with more information, brochures, hotline cards, and holders.

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Contact Us About the Referral Program:

Addiction is reaching epidemic levels. Refer those in need:

• Prescription drug abuse is among the fastest growing addictions.
• Every 19 minutes, someone dies from an “unintentional” prescription drug overdose.
• 1 in 10 people (over 23 million people) over age 12 struggle with alcohol and/or drug addiction.
• Only 2.5 million (nearly 11%) received treatment in 2012.
• 47% relapse in the first year, of which 67% of these will relapse multiple times.
• Roughly 1/3 of Americans have either experienced a substance use disorder or had a family member struggling at some point in their lives.
• Drug and alcohol addiction results in $263 billion in lost productivity each year.
• The most significant problems that companies experienced due to addiction are absenteeism (62%); reduced productivity (49%); missed deadlines (31%); and increased health care costs (29%).

Stats based on info from the CDC, National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency, National Institute on Drug Abuse, the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, and