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Top 5 Benefits of Out of State Rehabs vs In State Rehabs

Choosing to stay in state or go out of state for treatment is often a difficult decision for those seeking treatment. There are three factors to consider, however, that can both positively and negatively effect a person’s addiction, which are: People, Places, and Things. The simple reasoning behind this is, by seeking treatment out of state, the addict is removed from the People, Places, and Things that can influence their behaviors and they are placed in a new environment where they will be surrounded by People, Places, and Things that promote their recovery.

Below are a few examples of how seeking drug treatment or alcohol treatment out of state may increase one’s chances of success:

Getting treatment is often a sensitive process. People might fear the negative stigma that is associated with going to addiction treatment. By choosing to receive treatment out of state, this problem is removed. This is because the patient is taken out of the public eye and receives their treatment in a place where no one knows them. This way, more focus and concentration can be placed on recovery.

Almost everything that affects the behaviors related to addiction are located in-state. The people, triggers, stress, dealers, local stores, and things that are associated with addiction are within arm’s reach. This makes it easier to get drawn back into the life that they are trying to escape. Being out of state is different. The surroundings associated with the old addictive life are removed and are replaced with a support system that can promote rehabilitation and recovery.

Becoming sober can be a long process, but it is worth it. People often come across periods where they may find it difficult to continue treatment or simply give up. Since clients are never held against their will and are able to leave treatment anytime they want, the advantage of being out of state is that the cost and  travel distance to go home may encourage people to stay and maintain their commitment to completing treatment and becoming sober.

Even though it may be nice to be surrounded by loved ones during this difficult period in life, it can be easy to get distracted by the affairs and problems that may be occurring with them. To treat addiction, one needs to focus solely on their recovery. Physically leaving these distractions by going out of state is perhaps the easiest and most effective solution.

The price of going to treatment in state versus out of state varies based on the individual seeking help. While the cost of treatment might be important, one should bear in mind that becoming sober is priceless. Selecting a treatment facility  involves reviewing many available options. If using insurance, the cost for treatment in state vs anywhere else in the United States can potentially be the same. Seeking treatment out of state opens up a variety of options, which allows for the selection of a treatment center that will work for your individual needs. Aid in Recovery’s mission is to find a treatment facility that may lead to our client’s recovery. Our representatives and submit an  insurance verification that may help make the selection. We encourage our clients to keep their options open for treatment anywhere.