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Opioid Painkillers Make Pain Worse: The Drug That Lies

Pain Managment | Using Opioids Long Term Actually Increases Your Pain Level

Prescription painkillers make your pain worse, especially if you take them for an extended period. Opioids lie.

No, you did not read that wrong. If you rely on opioids for long-term pain management, then they are probably causing you pain. It is a hard pill to swallow; the drugs you are taking to feel better are actually making you feel worse. I know. I was on painkillers for two years due to a chronic condition.

Prescription Painkillers and A Glimmer of Hope

One day I was searching the net as I always do. I couldn’t do much else at that point in my life. I had horrible pain in the soles of my feet when I walked. At night I would wake my husband up moaning from the pain in my hands. I was so tired I couldn’t do anything. A constant exhaustion. I was a lump. A burden on my husband and daughter.

This particular day, I found a forum for opioid drug users. There was a man there that said his pain was worse on opioids. After he had gone through detox, he was better than he had been in years.

Opioid – The Drug That Hurts

I was in shock. I really was. My doctor had never mentioned anything like that to me at all. In fact, a few months before, I was complaining of increased pain, and my doctor raised my dose. Could this be? Could I be making myself sicker? I had to try it.

I researched beneficial herbs and came up with an herbal tea blend to help me detox. (One of my best herbs, Kratom, is now illegal) I was not on a strong dose of painkiller, so I did it at home, but I never recommend home detox to anyone. Each case is different. Two weeks were bad. The pain increased. I cried. I couldn’t sleep. I was even more tired. It was not easy. After two weeks, the light at the end of the tunnel was in sight.

Mother and Daughter Restored

I now hurt much less. I sleep well. I do yoga. I have a part-time job, and I can do a few chores a day around the house. I can drive again. I don’t need a cane to walk anymore.

One day my daughter told me that she got her mom back. That was all the convincing I needed.

I still take painkillers a couple of times a year when the pain is severe, but only for a few days. Any more than that and my feet start hurting. I start feeling cold and getting run down. After the last time, I decided the drug wasn’t worth it. I really am sicker from opioids than I am from the disease.

The Science Behind the Fraud

The medical community has recognized that opioids can cause abnormal pain sensitivity: opioid-induced hyperalgesia. https://goo.gl/kjoigh

This NIH paper referred to in The Conversation focuses on morphine. Morphine use made the pain last longer. Months longer. Even after the morphine had completely left the body. Opioids excite the same part of the brain that registers pain. So the opioids tell the body it is hurting.

This NIH Review talks about opioid-induced hyperalgesia. It explains how opioids cause more pain when you are on the opioid. Some of the same type, and some pain in new places. This explains why people often say “I was hurting here, but now I am hurting over here.”

Your doctor may deny this. Your doctor may simply not know. My doctor said all my symptoms were from my illness. They weren’t. The trouble concentrating and memory problems were not fibro fog, they were side effects of my meds. The stabbing pain in my feet wasn’t neuropathy; it was my meds. Please, you owe it to yourself to at least try. What is there to lose besides a couple of weeks of pain? –  And you are already in pain.

Am I in perfect health now? No, but I am so much better. What you have to gain is worth the temporary discomfort of detox. Please call about detox today.

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