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Going to Rehab – Travel Tips

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Do You Have Any Travel Tips for the Day I Fly to Rehab?

Traveling to get the best possible quality addiction treatment is a wise decision for your recovery. The traveling process can have some minor stressors, that’s why we have put together a helpful list of suggestions that will put you at ease.

Plan For A Successful Day of Travel

•Arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to takeoff as there can be long travel lines
•Have your ID and boarding pass easily accessible
•Travel in comfortable and climate appropriate clothing
•Check in with your Client Care Coordinator for travel updates or delays
•Make sure your phone battery is fully charged
•Have your cell phone charger easily accessible
•Know your gate number, transportation route, and if you have any connecting flights
•Purchase snacks and water at the airport as you may not be able to bring food past security
•Listen to music or podcasts for entertainment
•Wear comfortable footwear
•Look ahead to see what the temperature of your destination will be and dress accordingly


Taking the time to pack ahead will give you the best possible chance at having a stress free travel. Use this list as a guide to help you prepare for your travels to rehab. When packing for treatment if you have questions as to what is approved for travel feel free to call the client coordination department and they will assist you with what is approved to bring to treatment.

•Try to bring carry-on luggage to avoid your belongings being misplaced or mishandled
•Place medication in its proper container and have it close by
•Pack Ear Plugs to limit background noise
•Bring a sweater or light blanket as plane cabins can tend to be on the cool side
•Make safe calls to friends and family before departure and upon arrival
•Bring books or magazines to read
•Chew gum to help with the change in altitude
•Bring an eye mask to sleep with ease
•Tag your luggage with your name and phone number, you can find name tags at the check-in counter
•Apply colored tape or marking around a handle to easily spot your bag at baggage claim

Traveling to rehab is a journey toward a good future. If you minimize the stresses of traveling, you can use the trip as a preparation for your passage to sobriety.

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