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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

We Offer Dual Diagnosis Treatment. 24 Hour Hotline:

How Can I Find the Causes and Conditions of My Drug and/or Alcohol use

At Aid In Recovery, we understand how difficult it is suffering from mental illness and addiction. Our addiction and recovery professionals are here to help ease you or your loved one into a life of sobriety. Call us at and get started with a free addiction and mental-health assessment today.

You don't have to keep struggling with addiction and mental illness on your own. Pick up the phone and speak to medical professional today.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers & The Best Facilities For You or Your Loved One

Co-occurring disorders demand long-term provisions. Because mental illness requires stabilization from medications, medical-experts often recommend 30 day-plus programs for dual diagnosis patients.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Questions? Call Our 24 Hour Hotline:

Most people who have become dependent on alcohol, heroin, cocaine and prescription medications usually need detox. Our trusted partners help you or your loved one to safely separate from chemicals with the help of medical professionals.

Group Counseling Sessions: They Help You Recover with Others who Have Been Struggling with Addiction also

One-on-One Therapy:
In Addition to group counseling we offer One-on-One Therapy. This Enables you to find the causes & conditions of your drug and/or alcohol use.

Workout Facilities & Nutrition Counseling:
Helping you to return to good physical condition.
We know dual diagnosis well; our treatment centers help thousands and thousands to successfully recover, year after year. Our knowledgeable addiction and recovery specialists use real-life experiences to help break you free from the shackles of co-occurring disorders. Call today:

What are Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

At Aid In Recovery, we set the standards for dual diagnosis treatment. We know that in some people their Drug Addiction or Alcohol Addiction may be a way of coping with another health issue. Some people use substances to mask their Depression, Anxiety or other conditions.

We understand that only treating the addiction without treating the underlying disorder will most likely lead to a relapse and continued addiction. The first step is identifying what has led to the addiction and then treating both at the same time. This Dual Diagnosis Treatment gives you the best chance of successful recovery.

All of our facilities provide the highest level of care, using trusted methods for recovery.

Call now and speak with a trained addiction expert; we are here to help you overcome co-occurring disorders with the best dual diagnosis treatment centers for you or your loved one.

Same Day Placement: We can get you into rehab the same day you call us.

Same Day Placement in Dual Diagnosis Treatment. Call Our 24 Hour Hotline:

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