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Why Choose a Residential Detox for Suboxone

Suboxone can be useful in treating heroin and other opiate addiction , but there are some people who do not benefit from this drug and are unable to move forward towards the better life they deserve. The knowledge that suboxone contains a powerful opiate (buprenorphine is approximately 10 times stronger than morphine) also means that there is a high potential for abuse - not to mention accidental overdose. If you, or somebody you care about, is looking to make a clean break from suboxone, you should consider whether an inpatient detox would be appropriate.

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Are You Addicted to Suboxone

Suboxone is taking over from methadone in parts of the world as the drug of choice for heroin replacement therapy. When prescribed and taken as directed, Suboxone can help patients feel relief from heroin withdrawal symptoms. This medication also contains another ingredient called naloxone which, when activated, can cause opiate withdrawal. Suboxone abuse can be an incredibly dangerous thing to do.

The idea is that you will have a higher quality of life on this replacement drug. Not everyone who chooses Suboxone treatment finds it easy to taper off. The fact that you are now dependent on this drug means you still could not be achieving all of your addiction treatment goals - although things should be better than they were before.

If you switched from heroin to suboxone as a path to recovery, you may be disappointed at your lack of progress. Becoming a long-term user of this replacement drug may not be the ideal situation for you, and the preferable option for you now may be to make a clean break from all opiates. This could be difficult (and possibly dangerous) to do alone, and this is why entering a detox program might be an appropriate option.

Do You Need a Residential Detox to Quit Suboxone

Withdrawal symptoms from suboxone can feel overwhelming. Common symptoms may include:

• Body aches Drug Detox Support Group Aid in Recovery - group therapy support group for drug detox for Suboxone for heroin addiction treatment
• Intense anxiety
• Stomach problems
• Diarrhea
• Insomnia
• Cravings
• Fever
• Itching
• Loss of appetite
• Chest fluttering sensation
• Restless legs
• Nausea and vomiting

Users who try to inject suboxone will experience withdrawal symptoms immediately because the naloxone will block the effects of any opiate in your system. When people quit using suboxone, they will likely experience withdrawal once the drug has left their system, and these symptoms could last for five days or more.

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By entering a residential detox, you could find yourself in an environment where you can feel supported and comfortable as you quit using suboxone. In a reputable residential detox, there should be medical supervision in case anything untoward happens during the withdrawal period. By going to detox, you could increase your likelihood of succeeding in treatment and entering recovery, so it important to at least consider this option.

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