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Outpatient Detox

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Why Choose an Outpatient Detox for Opiates?

Outpatient opiate detox is a treatment program designed to get you or your loved one through the detoxification process. Have you developed an addiction to prescription medications or heroin? If you or someone you love is struggling with heroin or opiate addiction, help is available. We can facilitate placement into a local outpatient opiate detox program near you. The centers we work with will assist in the detox process by using safe and effective methods to treat withdrawal symptoms. At the detox centers that we work with, Subutex is provided by the medical staff to ease withdrawal symptoms. Subutex lessons the withdrawals the body goes through and makes the detox easier and more comfortable.

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Safe, Comfortable Opiate Detox Near Me

We understand this is a very difficult time in your life, and finding treatment is a big decision. However, we are here to make the process easy for you. An outpatient detox affords you two different options:

  1. Stay in your own home, and then through scheduled appointments travel to and from a local detox center.
  2. Stay in one of the comfortable and peaceful homes in outpatient detox, with all the necessary amenities to keep you safe and comfortable during treatment.

Typical Amenities

Wireless internet is available, so you can bring your cell phone, tablet, laptop, or any other electronics you like. We believe that making you feel as much at home as possible is a key factor in a safe and successful recovery.

Meals and unlimited snacks are provided during your stay. The staff will do the shopping for you so you can focus on getting through the detox program. We find local facilities as close to home as possible, so you will have the chance to relax and focus on yourself and overcoming your addiction. This also allows you to have your family close by for their support.

Opiate Detox – How it Works

On Arrival

Upon arrival, your intake will start with an examination by a certified medical doctor and clinicians. The purpose of the exam is to determine your physical and mental state, and address any issues that may require a specific treatment modality.

Length of Detox

Outpatient opiate detox typically takes between five and seven days to complete.

Medications Administered

Subutex and PRN medications will be available as needed during the detox process.


There are no mandatory groups to attend while in outpatient detox. There will be clinical support and counseling available if you choose to use it. Although counseling is not required, you are encouraged to take advantage of all the options available to you. However, you will not be forced to attend any sessions. Detox is simply the first step towards your sobriety, so the pace of your recovery is entirely up to you.

Many people have attempted to beat addiction without detox, but most success stories come from those who attended detox. If you have had an unsuccessful attempt in the past, don’t give up. Detox may be the key you need to win the battle over opiate addiction and achieve sobriety.

Why Choose an Outpatient Detox

We pride ourselves on working with the best outpatient detox centers in the nation. These include cutting edge facilities equipped with full medical and clinical staff. These detox facilities combine medical treatment with medication for the best outpatient detox results.

Each client is provided with a private, calm, and relaxing setting. This will make clients feel more at home while going through the detox process. Clients will be able to continue to maintain contact with loved ones. Family members are encouraged to be a part of the recovery process.

Outpatient Detox – Designed for Success

Each client is an individual and requires an individualized program. All clients who enter outpatient opiate detox are treated with respect and care. A unique treatment program will be created to address your specific needs to ensure the highest chances of success. Clients are provided the comforts of home and the support from a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

A good support system is a key to a successful recovery. Make the life changing choice to get clean by attending an outpatient opiate detox.

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