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Drug Abuse and Bipolar Disorder

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Drug Abuse and Bipolar Disorder—Receive the Help That You Need

Drugs may be used by individuals with bipolar disorder to cope with their symptoms. If you have been suffering from both drug addiction and bipolar disorder, help is available.

Our addiction toll free line is staffed by representatives who understand the struggles you face and will take the time necessary over the phone to provide you with personalized answers to your questions. We may even be able to assist with potential same day placement into one of the licensed treatment programs we’ve partnered with nationwide on the same day that you pick up the phone.

Most importantly, don’t hesitate to call our drug addiction and bipolar disorder toll free line because you’re afraid of the cost. The call is free, and our representatives will work with your insurance company to find an affordable drug rehab for you.

There is no need to continue living with the pain and confusion that may define your life today. We are here to help make the process easier by assisting you with finding and enrolling in effective drug rehab so that the issues underlying your mental illness and drug abuse can be addressed head-on.


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Bipolar Disorder Combined with Drug Use

While it may seem like a short-term solution, drug abuse does not relieve the problems that stem from bipolar disorder. When you are suffering from bipolar disorder, it can seem like there is no rhyme or reason to the world around you. This can be scary for both you and your friends and family. Often drugs are used as a way of mitigating some of these symptoms. However, drug use is not a solution and may make the issues related to your mental illness worse.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

You may be suffering from bipolar disorder if you experience these symptoms:
• Dramatic Mood Swings
• Deep Depression
• Insomnia
• Racing Thoughts
• Manic Episodes
• Impulsive Episodes


Dual Diagnosis – Drug Rehab With Bipolar Treatment.
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Dual Diagnosis Addresses Both Problems

Often when someone is suffering from both drug addiction and bipolar disorder or another co-occurring mental health disorder, it can seem like your future is bleak. Fortunately, by adopting a treatment plan known as dual diagnosis, it’s possible to treat both the drug addiction and underlying mental health issues at the same time. We may be able to help you find the root problems underlying your substance abuse so that you can make lasting changes that improve your ability to manage your lifestyle in a healthy manner.

The primary goal in our dual diagnosis treatment program is to lead you to recovery by allowing you to regain control of your life. By no means does bipolar disorder have to control your life forever, and it’s certainly possible to have an extremely happy, meaningful, and rewarding life by managing your mental health issues in a positive manner. While medication may be a recommended course of treatment for your bipolar symptoms, it may also help to adopt other strategies and healthy practices that you’ll learn while in rehab to manage the symptoms.

Drug Use Worsens your Bipolar Symptoms

If you’ve been using drugs to deal with your mood swings or depression, then it’s important to understand the harm in this approach.

• Opiates: Painkillers such as morphine and heroin may sound like a solution when you’re experiencing a troubling mood swing, but they are a terrible risk. This path can lead to addiction and dependence.

• Methamphetamine: Stimulants may also sound like a solution to someone with bipolar disorder. Methamphetamine is highly addictive.


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Drug Rehab and Bipolar Disorder—Get Help Today

Abusing drugs while suffering from bipolar disorder is dangerous and thus it is necessary to seek treatment as soon as possible!  Delaying action may worsen your symptoms and could put your life in jeopardy. The initial phone call may be the most difficult step, but the ability to regain control of your future makes it all worth it. Call us today!

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