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Addiction Recovery Blog

3 Strategies for Talking to Your Loved One About Rehab

Getting Your Loved One Into Rehab Discussing drug addiction with a loved one can be daunting. Perhaps you tried it before, and were met with some degree of anger, aggression, denial, or even deception. But it’s important to keep trying, and to stay supportive. Addiction is an illness, and helping the person find their way […]

The Truth About the 13th Step

What Is The 13th Step? Millions of people with drug and alcohol addictions have found solace, guidance, and lasting sobriety in 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Those new to addiction recovery, however, may be surprised to realize that an informal “step” exists in some of these programs as well. Although […]

Daily Tips for Relapse Prevention

Whether You’ve Been off of Drugs for Ten Days or Ten Years, Relapse Is Always a Constant Concern. Even the Smallest Action or Stimulant Can Trigger a Craving. Use the Following Tips to Shield Yourself from the Dangers of Going Back to Drugs After You’ve Already Made It Through Opiate Detox or Alcohol Treatment.

How Cleaning Your Closet Could Help Your Recovery

During the fragile time that is early recovery, it’s essential to do what you can to safeguard your sobriety. To “clear the wreckage of the past,” as Step Nine of The Big Book of Alcoholics suggests, has proved to be fundamental for many, in that it allows people a fresh start. Although it might sound strange, a dose of early spring cleaning might be what you need to remove triggers from your life.

Staying Away From That First Drink

Many people who have gone through rehab face the potential of relapse when they continue to surround themselves with the same group of friends they had when their addiction was active—and we all know that peer pressure doesn’t end in high school. Alcoholism is likely one of the most common diseases in the United States.

How Competitive Sports Can Help You After Rehab

Whether It’s Angling to Win That Tennis Match or Playing to Win Your League’s Softball Championship, the Exercise, Camaraderie, and Fun of It All Is Often Unforgettable. Engaging in Competitive Sports Is Especially Beneficial During Addiction Recovery. Here’s Why.