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Alcohol and Depression Treatment

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Find a treatment center that may be able to help you with alcohol addiction and depression. Our team of representatives can understand that depression is a real disease, and may go hand in hand with alcohol abuse. We will work to get you into alcohol treatment quickly, potentially the same day you call.


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How Dual Diagnosis Treatment Can Help You

While people may be predisposed to addiction, there are often a variety of factors. Depression may lend itself to developing alcohol dependency as a way of self-medication. The combination of alcohol and depression can be deadly.

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The Dangerous Combination of Alcohol and Depression

Symptoms of depression may include symptoms as:

• Persistent Sad or Anxious Mood
• Feelings of Hopelessness
• Feeling of Guilt or Worthlessness
• Loss of Interest in Hobbies
• Decreased Energy
• Sleeping issues.

These symptoms may lead an individual to self-medicate using alcohol.


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Find the Root Cause of Alcohol Addiction – Live A Happier Life

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When you are trying to beat alcoholism you need to treat the underlying cause to be successful. When the depression is under control, you may find the desire to drink decreases. A combined or dual diagnosis treatment approach may help to reduce cravings and eliminate the underlying problem. This may lead to long-term success.




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