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Find a treatment center that can help you with alcohol addiction and depression today. Our team of admissions coordinators know and understand that depression is a real disease that often goes hand in hand with alcohol abuse. When you call us our reps will walk you through the intake process and verify your insurance for free. We will  find the best treatment center in the nation for your specific needs, with little to no out of pocket cost.  Our 24 hour alcohol hotline is available to everyone nationwide. Call us today so we can help you live a happy life free of alcohol.


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How Dual Diagnosis Treatment Can Help You

Alcoholism rarely exists in a vacuum. While people are predisposed to addiction, there are a variety of factors causing the addiction to flare. Depression often lends itself to developing alcohol dependency as a way of self-medication. The combination of alcohol and depression can be deadly.

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The Dangerous Combination of Alcohol and Depression

There are a variety of health concerns with depression. You can experience severe weight loss, debilitating feelings keeping you from work and in the worst cases harmful thoughts and actions. Symptoms of depression include things such as:

• Persistent Sad or Anxious Mood
• Feelings of Hopelessness
• Feeling of Guilt or Worthlessness
• Loss of Interest in Hobbies
• Decreased Energy
• Sleeping issues.

Any or all of these symptoms can become overwhelming. This is where the need for alcohol usually stems from. In order to reduce the feelings of these symptoms, you seek to “numb” things with alcohol. It becomes a circular problem. More alcohol to battle the depression, which leads to greater depression which leads to a need for more alcohol.


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Find the Root Cause of Your Alcohol Addiction – Live A Happier Life

 Alcohol Addiction and Depression Treatment - Aid in Recovery. Hand holding small flowers up against blue sky.When you are trying to beat alcoholism you need to treat the underlying cause to be successful. Most of the time when you get the depression under control you will find the desire to drink decreases. It is about increasing the levels of serotonin in your brain in order to get a better balance of happiness. A combined or dual diagnosis treatment approach helps to reduce cravings and eliminate the underlying problem. This allows for long-term success as you are not just fighting your desires but rewiring your system.


We Will Find The Right Alcohol Rehab For You

We understand the importance of treating your co-occurring condition. First, we need to find the source of your depression and treat that. Then we will address your alcohol addiction. Just stopping drinking is not going to solve all your problems. But with a clear head, you can then tackle your depression in a thoughtful and meaningful manner. We use an evidence-based approach including counseling, activities and medication as necessary.

Facts About Depression

Alcohol Rehab and Depression Treatment - Aid in Recovery. Flowes in a field at sunset.

Depression is a real disorder. While all people experience sadness in their lifetime, depression is not the same. It can be crippling in social situations as well as in completing tasks of daily living. In general depression is a result of a chemical imbalance in the brain that simply does not give you access to enough of serotonin, the “happy” hormone. We can help you by finding activities that increase endorphins as a replacement. We can also use medication to bring up the deficit. We will teach you therapeutic ways to deal with your feelings as your brain rewires itself in the absence of alcohol.

Take The First Step – Get Alcohol and Depression Treatment Today

It is best not to delay. While the first 30 days is the most difficult step, the longer you go without treatment the more problems you are creating. Entering treatment for alcohol and depression when it is your choice and when you are ready is the best way. Treating both issues at the  same time leads to the greatest chance of success. Every day you wait the more you run the risk of something happening that takes the choice out of your hands.

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