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Alcohol and Bipolar Disorder Treatment

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Aid in Recovery representatives will help you select a dual diagnosis program that meets both your clinical and financial needs. We aim to find an alcohol rehab center that works with your health insurance company to treat your alcohol addiction and address the issues associated with your bipolar disorder.


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Signs and Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder include:
•    Large Mood Swings
•    Sudden Manic Moments
•    Sleep Loss
•    Severe Depression
•    Getting out of Bed Seems Impossible
•    Frantically Getting a Million Things Done


Alcohol Combined with Bipolar Disorder

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The abuse of alcohol and bipolar disorder may occur simultaneously. Because bipolar disorders deal with such drastic mood swings from manic episodes to severe depression, alcohol may be used to help cope. For the manic times, it may make everything more fun. It can serve as a social lubrication, allowing you to be the life of the party. For the dark and depressing times, it takes some of the pain away by numbing it, but it is often a dangerous combination.

Alcohol Effects the Brain Chemistry

The combination of bipolar disorder and alcoholism is particularly troubling because alcohol tends to make mood swings worse. While it feels as though it is helping, it is throwing your brain chemistry even more out of balance. Normalcy of any sort is difficult to find. Often alcohol is used because the medications offered for bipolar disorder completely flatten the emotions of the individual and alcohol allows you the opportunity to feel again. This feeds the alcohol addiction and makes it worse.


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What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Why Is It Important

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In dual diagnosis treatment, clinicians focus on treating co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders.  Substances are often used as coping mechanisms by those suffering from bipolar disorder of other mental illness in attempt to counteract undesirable feelings/moods.  We offer access to therapy that may provide other coping mechanisms, such as guided meditation or yoga. Finding the right balance for your personal needs may help you find happiness. Our goal is to tailor your treatment to meet your needs.

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