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Alcohol and Anxiety Treatment

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Anxiety – Risk and Symptoms

Anxiety has physical manifestations like:
• Heart Palpitations
• Breathing Disorders
• Sweating
• High Blood Pressure
• Fainting

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These can lead to life-threatening situations. Reducing these symptoms by removing the anxiety is imperative to your long-term health. People usually know if they have anxiety, but understanding why you feel the way you do can be the first step in tackling the problem.

Anxiety Combined with Alcohol

When it comes to alcoholism, there tend to be other health issues that make alcohol treatment more difficult. Due to the fact alcohol is a legal substance, it is easy to use to deal with other problems like anxiety. It has been known to lower inhibitions and remove some stressors. The problem with alcohol is the side effects and its addictive nature. Finding the right alcohol rehab that has several options available to extend your alcohol treatment and a continuum of care after your treatment is important.

Alcohol and Anxiety – It Makes the Problem Worse

Alcohol Rehab and Anxiety Treatment - Aid in Recovery. Light Green and darg green ropes looped around each other.It can be difficult to see how anxiety plus alcohol makes things worse. On the surface, alcohol causes anxiety to go away. While alcohol can take away your inhibitions and mutes the feeling of anxiety, it also builds a dependency on the substance. You then need it to handle more and more of your life. Plus, you tend to need more and more alcohol to feel the effects. Greater use leads to abuse and more difficulty in maintaining activities of daily living without some form of intoxication. If intoxicating substances are not readily available, your anxiety can get worse.

Treat Your Anxiety so You can Stop Drinking

While you can treat alcoholism alone and try to get past your need, it can be difficult to stay sober if you don’t address the anxiety at the same time. By working on the underlying problem, you can find your way to sobriety and stay clean in a way that is not so difficult. If you are experiencing anxiety, staying away from alcohol is even more challenging. By finding a way to deal with your anxiety you can remove some of the feelings that cause you to drink.


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What is Dual Diagnosis and how can it Help

Alcohol Addiction and Anxiety Treatment - Aid in Recovery. Birds flying over a lake with barbed wire at sunset.In dual diagnosis treatment, the focus is tackling the co-occurring disorders of anxiety and alcoholism. We understand that for you to have a full and complete life, you need to be able to get past the symptom that drove you to drink in the first place. There are other coping mechanisms, some in the form of therapy, such as guided meditation that can help. Finding the right balance for your personal needs can help you find happiness in life again. We want to tailor the alcohol treatment for you and your specific triggers.

Background on Anxiety

Some people don’t think of anxiety as a problem, but it is. Over time without treatment anxiety can reach debilitating levels. Anxiety can cause you to avoid significant social situations, work, and even family. This isolation can make you lonely and lead to depression. It becomes cyclical; the more isolated you become, the more difficult it can become to interact with others leading to greater depression. Anxiety makes you abandon activities you once enjoyed or even things you need to do to make a living.

Same Day Placement into Treatment

The sooner you seek help with alcohol treatment, the faster you will reach full recovery. Don’t allow your health to deteriorate any more than it already has. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and there is no reason not to start on your road to recovery today.

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