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Addiction Treatment

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Why Should You Go to Addiction Treatment and Not Just Detox?

There’s getting clean and then there’s staying clean. Aid in Recovery will help you get clean, and then stay clean, so you can live a happy, meaningful, sober life. The big difference between getting off drugs for a short time and staying off drugs with a long term recovery plan is how you start your recovery journey. The rate of continued recovery increases if you get treatment at a drug rehab center instead of to trying to stay clean on your own.

• People who don’t get addiction treatment have a 50% higher relapse rate
• A third of people who attend an addiction treatment program and stay sober for six months after the program, remain sober for years to come

You are at a significant turning point in your life. You have come to realize that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol. After you’ve made this breakthrough in self-awareness, addiction treatment is the appropriate and critical next step so you can build a solid foundation for your recovery. A survey of addicts showed that attending a drug rehab program improved their quality of life. The survey found:

• Seven out of ten people who attended an addiction treatment program made recovery breakthroughs that lead them to get to the core of their addiction.
• About two-thirds of people who completed a drug program found employment within a month after the end of their drug treatment.

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What Are the Benefits That Addiction Treatment Programs Have to Offer?


Medical Care and Medical Supervision
When you start your recovery, often the first step is getting detoxed from drugs and alcohol. The detox process is serious, as substance withdrawals can occur rapidly and need to be treated by the appropriate medical practitioners for a safe detox. Going to a medically supervised detox program that provides doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and other trained medical staff will ensure that your medical needs are met.

 Drug and Alcohol Rehab is a Safe Haven
Treatment is meant to be a comfortable, warm, and healing environment. Aid in Recovery offers exactly that for addiction treatment. A safe, calm recovery environment lets you lower your guard and open up to healing. It is vital to the healing process to be in a physically and mentally safe haven while receiving addiction treatment. Getting addiction treatment in a comfortable recovery atmosphere can make all the difference when it comes to making breakthroughs and getting to the roots of your addiction.

Therapeutic Treatment  
One of the most important resources that drug and alcohol rehab centers have to offer is access to a wide range of therapeutic staff. Our clinical staff consists of psychologists, psychiatrists, primary therapists, group therapists and mental health clinicians. This dedicated team works with you to provide the guidance and support that will help you obtain sobriety. Our therapeutic staff treats the underlying causes of addiction and helps you recover as a whole person.

• 50% of people with a drug addiction also have a mental illness such as depression or anxiety

Aftercare and Post Care 
Completing drug rehab and returning home or staying to attend an aftercare program can feel joyful, exciting, and overwhelming, all at the same time. Inpatient addiction treatment is a great starting program to overcome addiction, but research shows that the longer a person is in an addiction treatment program, the greater success they have in abstaining from drug and alcohol use. The programs that we offer all provide aftercare and continued support. We offer aftercare affiliate groups, alumni relations, and check-in calls from the staff. This is an important part of your journey in recovery. To ensure that your sobriety is a lasting one, be sure to have a solid aftercare plan.

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