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Addiction Treatment FAQ

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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Addiction Treatment

When looking for addiction treatment for yourself or your loved one you may come across some important questions that you need clarification on. Take a look at some frequently asked questions that people ask when seeking drug or alcohol rehab.

hippa-compliantQ: What is HIPAA?

A: Also known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, HIPAA is a set of patient rights which govern patient confidentiality. In 1996 HIPAA was created to improve the flow of patient information, protecting their privacy, and giving them more control over how their medical information is distributed. Who has access to this information is up to the patient, and medical personal CANNOT discuss any patient outside their office unless permission is granted to them.

Q: Does the FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) or the ADA (American with Disabilities Act) apply to rehab?

A: Yes! Both FMLA and ADA are federal laws that have been established to protect your employment. You may utilize these rulings to request time off from you job, avoiding termination, when receiving treatment for your addiction. Obtain the FMLA and ADA regulations through your company’s human resources department. You do NOT need to explain the specific details of your addiction to your employer, as that will be determined by the medical provider who completes the FMLA or ADA form.

Q: Will people know that I am in treatment?

A: No. Your care is confidential. Unless you notify people directly, you are protected by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Any information concerning your treatment cannot be shared without your written permission.

medical-doctorsQ: Will addiction treatment help my DUI?

A: Addiction treatment is recommended if an alcohol or drug problem exists. Often we make poor decisions while under the influence, but this does not mean that we suffer from the disease of addiction. If alcohol or drug abuse is present, then treatment can lead to avoiding such drug and alcohol related offenses in the future, and ultimately provide a foundation for living a life free from the constraints of addiction.

Q: Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

A: Yes, most insurance policies do cover some if not all of the cost of addiction treatment. Insurance policies vary in what programs they cover. The best way to see if your insurance covers drug and alcohol rehab call an admissions coordinator at Aid in Recovery and they will help you determine what coverage your policy has. If you do not have insurance you can still get drug and alcohol treatment, call one of our admissions coordinators to discuss what options are available.

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