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Addiction Songs – Relapse: Starting Over Sober

Relapse and Resolve | Starting Over Sober

Authors Bio:
Jon Wolotsky is a recovering alcoholic and addict in South Florida. He writes to help himself and others understand the powerful nature of addiction. Recovery has been a process for Jon. Continues to work toward continued sobriety and document his efforts with words and song.

Starting Over: This is a song Jon wrote about his first relapse. It was a terrible feeling, a terrible waste, but out of the ashes can be born beautiful things. #addictionsong #addictionlyrics

Starting Over Sober

The feelings
of sinking and shrinking
have returned.

It was a giant slip, just one sip
Threw away all that I
had learned.

But I won’t let it defeat me.
It’s just a piece of my journey.
Give myself the time to cry.
Then lift my chin towards the sky.

This is my chance
to begin again, to start over.

And at first
I’m still scared, still looking over my shoulder

But the past has passed
and the mistake was made.
Now the path has cleared,
hope has paved the way.
You better learn from this
or your future won’t be safe.
Tell yourself, a thousand times
The fight can be over,
This fight is over.
And I’m starting over,

I’ve come a long way
Now I must begin
starting from a place, I’ve never been.

I haven’t sung this song
Yet, since the day I left it all
Behind me.
My sorrows, shackles, and
the pride.
I kept hidden in these rhymes.
And his from the light.
But today I share these lines
and I open up the blinds.

And as you hear my tune
you’ll hear my truth
and it’ll be telling you
The fight can be over,
Your fight is over.
You’re starting over,

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