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Addiction and Acceptance: Surviving Angel

Surviving Angel | A Woman's Struggle with Addiction and Acceptance

Authors Bio:
Jon Wolotsky is a recovering alcoholic and addict in South Florida. He writes to help himself and others understand the powerful nature of addiction. Recovery has been a process for Jon. Continues to work toward continued sobriety and document his efforts with words and song.

This set of lyrics is for a song about a friend of Jon’s who is in recovery. She has put some terrible things in her rearview mirror and now has two years sober. #addictionsong #addictionlyrics

Surviving Angel

Heart of an angel
Tough as stone
Surrounded by people
Yet always feels alone.

She is a survivor
Her silver soul bleeds amber pain.
She’ll only cry in pouring rain.
So that the drops will mask her shame.
So that the water hides her pain.

She is the only,
One I see right through
Just a lost little girl who
Has something to prove.

There lay sadness in the windows
Of her withering house.
There’s a lock on the door
No way in or out.

But that was two years ago,
A broken heart mended by hope
A love once lost has returned
Leaving a scar where once was a burn

She is a survivor
Her silver soul bled amber pain.
She’ll only cry in pouring rain
Cause it reminds her of those days
It reminds her it’s ok
To feel the shame
To feel the pain.

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