Take your recovery to the next level with a 30 Day Challenge
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30 Day Recovery Challenge

30 Day Recovery challenge
Taking Place from 1/1/16 – 1/30/16
Grand Prize: Score 275-300 (name to be picked from hat)

$300 Amazon Gift Card30-day-recovery-challenge-cup

Requirement to be entered for Grand Prize:
Write 300 words about your experience during the 30 day recovery challenge.
Submit to [email protected]

Consolation 1: Score 200-274
Recovery based book, Aid In Recovery bookmark & a 2016 recovery medallion.

Consolation 2: Score 100-199
Aid in Recovery 2016 recovery medallion.


The 30 Day Recovery Challenge is an opportunity to improve and strengthen your Recovery!
This is done with everyday simple tasks. The Challenge is comprised of 10 daily tasks that remain constant for 30 days. The objective is to complete as many tasks a day as possible during the 30 day challenge time frame (1/1/16-1/30/16). The reasoning behind this is that this challenge format builds healthy habits, consistency, and self-esteem, which are three key components in recovery.

Instructions for Participation

Challenge Checklist to be downloaded & printed separately.
For 30 days you will be marking the challenge check list of all tasks accomplished for each day.
Each check mark counts as 1 point, at the end of the 30 days you will tally up the sum of the check-marks to get a grand total somewhere in the range of 1-300.
Your hard work, dedication, and final score will indicate your prize.


All final completed submissions, along with your 300 word evaluation for the Grand Prize, must be emailed with a photograph of your check list with your total score! Your anonymity will be kept safe.
Email to [email protected]

Download “Your 30 Day Challenge Tracking Sheet” 30-Day-Recovery-Challenge-Aid-in-Recovery.png – Downloaded 1072 times – 263 KB


29 thoughts on “30 Day Recovery Challenge

  1. It’s been nine months since I used..my mother died the day I got out of jail and I haven’t used since..I’ve had a heart attack and two months ago my sixteen yr old was raided for methamphetamines and had a hand gun…my addiction I feel lead to his and its smacked me in the face my disabled son was taken from the home which we have worked and proved we are clean and he comes home in two wks.I am more than ready to take this next step in my recovery as I am realizing the reality of learning to l
    Live sober

    • Don’t look back you are not going in that direction. You are not alone….meetings and the rooms helped me. Life is sooo much better sober. We can’t change our past but we can make better choices today and it sounds like you are. Keep up the good work.

    • The past is the past. It sounds like you are working hard for a better future. Give yourself a pat on the back and stay on the road you are on. Congrats to you. Prayer for yyou & your family.

  2. I’m 95 days clean today, I want help to stay clean, I’ve relapsed before, I need tools to help me. Out of sight, out of mind was my key, but I been having cravings lately, due to being stressed and having depression, if my phone will let me download this, then I’m in.

    • Hello 🙂 It should be able to be downloaded to your phone. Let us know if you can’t make it work and we’ll help. Happy New Year!

    • Good evening, sure thing. I’ll email it right now. Thank you for participating! We hope you have fun. Make sure to take a picture of your tracking sheet and email it to us at

      Talk soon,
      John G.

  3. I am in….9 yrs sober but I still need to be reminded how important sobriety is! For those just getting in the rooms, god bless you, never say f it, n fake it to make it!!! Those are things I was taught n I’m still here working it!!!

  4. Can you also email me I can’t download and would love to participate, a little over four years sober and would love a lock start to the new year

  5. I am so going this. I am not in recovery for chemical but other things and I know that this will help. Thanks for sharing. I want to see if my CR group will do this with me.

    • That is great to hear Angel. You’re right in that it can still be used if you’re not in recovery for a chemical dependency. Feel free to share it with your group. Happy New Year! John G.

  6. I’m in. I think this is just what I need for the new year. I struggle with staying clean. I’m definitely down for this. I’m not in it to win, but to finally stay clean.

  7. I’m in for sure! October 19th was my first day & I’ve been doing great but recently started having massive cravings. I do most of these tasks daily anyway, but committing to something like this might help keep me grounded. I’m looking forward to it 🙂 Thank you!

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