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30 Day Recovery Challenge

30 Day Recovery challenge
Taking Place from 1/1/16 – 1/30/16
Grand Prize: Score 275-300 (name to be picked from hat)

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Requirement to be entered for Grand Prize:
Write 300 words about your experience during the 30 day recovery challenge.
Submit to

Consolation 1: Score 200-274
Recovery based book, Aid In Recovery bookmark & a 2016 recovery medallion.

Consolation 2: Score 100-199
Aid in Recovery 2016 recovery medallion.


The 30 Day Recovery Challenge is an opportunity to improve and strengthen your Recovery!
This is done with everyday simple tasks. The Challenge is comprised of 10 daily tasks that remain constant for 30 days. The objective is to complete as many tasks a day as possible during the 30 day challenge time frame (1/1/16-1/30/16). The reasoning behind this is that this challenge format builds healthy habits, consistency, and self-esteem, which are three key components in recovery.

Instructions for Participation

Challenge Checklist to be downloaded & printed separately.
For 30 days you will be marking the challenge check list of all tasks accomplished for each day.
Each check mark counts as 1 point, at the end of the 30 days you will tally up the sum of the check-marks to get a grand total somewhere in the range of 1-300.
Your hard work, dedication, and final score will indicate your prize.


All final completed submissions, along with your 300 word evaluation for the Grand Prize, must be emailed with a photograph of your check list with your total score! Your anonymity will be kept safe.
Email to

Download “Your 30 Day Challenge Tracking Sheet” 30-Day-Recovery-Challenge-Aid-in-Recovery.png – Downloaded 1138 times – 263 KB