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With our 24 hour hotline, we can get you or your loved one into treatment the same day you call us, sometimes within just a few hours. You’re in safe hands when you call Aid in Recovery. We have access to the best treatment centers across the country. Call us 24 hours a day and let our experienced admissions coordinators match you with a treatment center that meets your needs and gets you on the road to recovery as soon as possible.


✚ Help You Can Afford

The help you need to overcome your drug or alcohol addiction is available right now. We can find you the treatment program that you need at a price you can afford. We work with all major insurance carriers to get you the help you need. We walk with you every step of the way.

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✚ Accessible Treatment

Aid in Recovery has access to the best treatment centers across the country. Let our experienced admissions coordinators match you with a treatment center that meets your needs and gets you on the road to full recovery as soon as possible.

We make sure to get you the best possible treatment. Call our addiction hotline and speak with a professional admissions coordinator to help you find the best treatment possible: 1-800-910-3734

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Do I Need Detox?

Our representatives can help you determine if you need Medically Supervised Detoxification based on what you are struggling with. Completing detox before entering treatment can help make you treatment more successful and long lasting. Detox can also prevent the discomfort and dangers associated with certain types of withdrawals.

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Police Rehab

Help For First Responders

Having such respected roles locally, we understand the particular concerns you face in choosing a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility. The stresses and demands of the professional career can promote your inability to accomplish and maintain sobriety. You aren’t alone!

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Our staff are always available to you 24/7.

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Welcome to Aid in Recovery!

Recover at One of the Top Treatment Facilities in the United States

At Aid in Recovery, we guide our clients through the rehab process. Our trained addiction and mental illness admissions coordinators change the lives of the people who call us every day.

Aid in Recovery’s knowledgeable and skilled admissions coordinators assess each of their client’s needs individually and create a customized treatment plan based on the needs and requirements of each person. We enroll our clients in rehab centers that follow through on the plans we design with you over the phone.

Our clients overcome their addictions with our guidance and help.

Our clients get clean because we only offer services from the most effective and renowned drug rehab centers in the country. Our rehabs are safe, reliable and staffed by people who care. They provide life-changing solutions to life-threatening addiction problems.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, when you call us, you will get clean. You will heal. You will be free from the grasp of addiction. Call Us Now 1-800-910-3734


Nationally Recognized Treatment Programs

Drug Rehab Help

Our main focus is you. We will help you locate the most comfortable and effective treatment program in the nation for your specific addiction. We will find you a treatment program that ensures you a stable and successful recovery.

  • We only work with the highest rated and accredited rehab facilities in the US.
  • We only work with rehab centers at the forefront of the industry, rehabs staffed by knowledgeable medical professionals who are on the cutting edge of the latest trends in addiction treatment.
  • We only work with rehab centers that treat addiction problems with solutions inspired by the most effective, trusted, and proven techniques.
  • Aid in Recovery’s professional addiction and mental illness admissions coordinators are great at what they do. They have built a solid, trustworthy reputation by learning about each of their client’s personal needs and providing a tailored solution.
  • We understand addiction. We educate our clients. We have the most accurate and latest information on treatment programs available across the country.

Our Approach

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If you are like most of the people who call us, you are facing a breaking point.

When you call one of our experienced admissions coordinators, you are speaking to an expert. In fact, most of our admissions coordinators are former addicts who have turned their lives around. Our staff will understand exactly where you are now, because they have been through this same process themselves.

When you call, the first thing we will do is a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL Assessment.

During this initial assessment over the phone, we ask you questions and uncover any underlying issues that may have led to your chemical dependency. We want to know how and why you became addicted to chemical substances so we can evaluate your options. Then, we will find a course of treatment to address those problems at the source.

We will help you find a rehab to fit your specific addiction, your insurance options, location, your family situation, your personal desires, and of course, your budget.

It’s really that simple.
It’s a phone call.


Our drug and alcohol treatment options include: detox, residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, alternative therapies and Christian programs. Whether you are looking for a place near home, or you’re ready to get away from your current surroundings, our skilled admissions team can help you.

Your addiction problems did not manifest themselves overnight. A transition away from addiction to recovery will not happen overnight, but it can and will happen with our guidance and support.

Your Addiction Problem Has an Answer – We’re Here to Help.
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We can check your policy to help you determine which Detox and Treatment programs it will cover. Grab your insurance card and give us a call! We can often help get you the treatment you need at the lowest out of pocket cost. Get a Free Insurance Verification Online

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